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Overalls for spring

Busy Panda Overall

They say Spring weather can be unpredictable. In Paris it’s definitely true. The day can start with the sunny warm morning and in the evening it can rain cats and dogs. You’ll agree, it’s not easy to dress up for days like this, and I’m always worried not to get cold. That’s why I was very happy when I discovered this overalls on Busy Panda, almost a forgotten, but very comfortable piece to wear everyday.

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The Red and The Black (and The White)

Today I’m showing you, what’s so far, my favourite look of 2017. Very comfortable daily outfit, with touch of elegance and feminism.
These white (cream) pants with red detail on the waist reminded me 70’s clothes, and I have to admit, I love 70’s! The black top with ruffle sleeves was just perfect for those trousers and I loved how they looked together. As an accessory I chose to wear my little red leather bag from Louvreuse. You can never go wrong with red, black and white combination.
The whole look is from Busy Panda, french online store, with original pieces for affordable prices. Here you can find very selected designs and be sure that not the whole city has the same outfit (feels good, right?)

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