Fauna print dress

This summer you’re gonna find a lot of clothes with different flora and fauna motives. The kimono dress I’m wearing today is just one example with its oriental elements and the snow cranes prints (it’s from Zara and I like it especially because it’s midi). Usually, it would be quite rare for me to wear printed outfits in Paris (I always prefer simple lines with touch of elegance), but this time I find them very summery and beautiful. And if the dress was not enough, I matched it with an absolutely gorgeous pair of low-heeled mule sleepers with fuchsia and gold flower print from L’intervalle. I really like these mules, they are very comfortable and combining them with summer outfits is very easy. When I bought them I was hesitating between green and pink ones, but finally I got a pink pair. Maybe this little girl who loved pink when I was a little kid is still inside me . Continue reading…

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