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If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that one of my favorite beaches of Valencia is la Playa de Almardá, located in the north, 30 minutes away from the capital (by car). I usually go there to enjoy the dunes and the protected beaches of this area. 
Last October, meanwhile my trip in Spain, decided to stay during the weekend at Almardá, in one of the most beautiful hotels of the area, Els Arenals. It's a boutique hotel on the coast, located just in front of the beach. The weather was a little bit strange, changing in every half an hour, but I still had fun in the amazing outdoor pool with the chill out bar. When it was raining, I stayed in my very beautiful and huge suite, with an amazing view on the beach. 

I remember speaking with a web designer I had collaborated with on a few projects about a sabbatical that he took a while back. He had felt himself burning out and decided that he wanted to take six months totally away from his job. Now, few of us can just walk away from our work for half a year, but he planned it out and made preparations so that he could make it happen. He looked hard at his budget and made some changes so he could save some money and give himself a cushion that would allow him to go without any income during his time off. He admitted to me that it was difficult, but workable, and he did take that time off after about a year of working and saving.

I love being a web designer and I’m incredibly thankful that I decided to join this industry many years ago. Still, despite my love of this profession, there have been a number of times during my career when my passion has waned and I’ve found myself simply going through the motions instead of fully applying myself to my work. This scenario is likely familiar to many of my fellow web designers. It is called burnout.

"J’ai deux amours...Mon pays et Paris."

Hola, amores. Ya es lunes, y hoy os traigo un post muy especial para mi: ¡Vamos a viajar a París! Los que ya habéis visitado la ciudad, estaréis de acuerdo con que es un lugar maravilloso, con todo su esplendor y belleza. Y los que todavía no habéis tenido la oportunidad, no tardéis mucho, ya que estar en París, visitar todos esos fantásticos lugares y tomar un té con un crep de chocolate, los macarons de Laduree o de Pierre Hermé, es una experiencia única. París, sin duda, es la ciudad de la luz y del amor. Yo me enamoré de ella y también, estando en ella. Tuve mi pequeña historia de amor que queda como un bonito recuerdo hasta ahora y es una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida. Me considero una persona muy afortunada, ya que he tenido la suerte de viajar en esta fascinante ciudad varias veces y vivir durante un mes de verano. Hoy os dejo algunas de las fotos y prometo enseñaros más imagenes dentro de muy poco. Con mucho amor. Kristi