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Skin Care at CODAGE Paris

We all know how important it is to take care of our skin to look beautiful. As winter approaches, the battle for healthy skin begins. It’s very important that we take action today  to avoid problems tomorrow.
Since I moved to Paris, my skin changed a lot because of pollution and cold weather. I have tried many products but none of them gave me good results. So, last week, finally decided to visit la maison Codage Paris, the place that my friend advised me. 
It’s a beautiful  cosmetic shop/center, located in the heart of le Marais, (8 Rue du Trésor, 75004 Paris). The interior of the shop is just stunning. All bright and clean colors. Before giving me any product, they analyzed my skin and made me a mini peeling while I could relax and enjoy some good music. Afterwards they prepared some special products for my skin and gave me a recipe with daily routines I have to do every morning and evry night. 
I have been using Codage products already for a week. I thought it was impossible for me to see any change in just 7 days,  but my skin really looks much better and I’m not afraid to go out during these cold days anymore. 
If you live in Paris, you should definitely visit la maison Codage and check how their products work on your skin. 

Photos by Sebastian Erras