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Grand Pigalle Hotel – Paris

Saint Valentine’s day is a very special time of year for people in love. It’s important to spend this day with one you love in a right way. So did I. Despite not being able to get out of Paris, I decided to spend the whole day in one of the cutest and most beautiful hotels of Paris, Le Grand Pigalle. This chic and modern hotel is located in South Pigalle, “SoPi”, in the 9th arrondissement, just 500m away from the famous Moulin Rouge.  It’s very easy to find it as the subway station Pigalle is just 3 minutes away. South Pigalle has become a very trendy neighborhood for a young hip crowd, with cool shops, modern bars and restaurants. Le Grand Pigalle Hotel is decorated by the famous parisian interior decorator Dorothée Meilichzon, making it an absolute must visit in Paris. Even for parisian people it’s a perfect place to meet friends and have some quality time.



I completely fell in love with the room at first sight. The mix of the vintage and modern decoration made me feel like at home. The big window provides the room with some natural day light and magnificent views. This is one of the most important elements when I choose a hotel.
The bed is so big and comfortable, that once chilling on it, it’s difficult to leave it. That’s why I had to cancel my Saint Valentine’s dinner reservation and decided to stay in the hotel the whole evening.
Details like vintage telephone and radio, wall lamps, and decorative fireplace, make this place absolutely unique.


When I was thinking that the room was the best part of the hotel, I opend the window and saw these wonderful views on Montmartre and Montparnasse. There are no words to describe my feelings and emotions when I saw this spectacular picture. There is nothing like a amazing view on a beautiful city of Paris!!


After I woke up, I asked for the breakfast in the room and after 5 minutes they knocked on the door. I have to say that the staff has been very friendly and helpful with any request I had. The room service was amazing. This is something I really appreciate when I’m in the hotel.
We had the typical french breakfast (which I like a lot), with some coffee, natural juice, cheese, ham with bread, and croissants, of course. I loved it! I did not even have the lunch after!

I had a wonderful stay at Grand Pigalle Hotel. I can’t wait to have another chance to spend more time there. It really felt like at home, and this is something very important that I’m looking for when I’m traveling.

I recommend this hotel as a must visit in Paris. If you are coming to spend a few days in the city of love, this is one of best places you can stay or hang out with your friends for lunch. I hope you’ll visit it and you’ll share your experience with me.

  • this hotel is amazing!

    February 17, 2016
  • The girl is looking is very beautiful and fresh in the Hotel's Bedroom, The bed mattress is very big and looks comfortable this is the reason the girl have perfect sleep at night and feeling very cool and fresh in the morning as wee seen here. Every Hotel owner should buy a good quality bed mattress for his guest so the guest will have perfect sleep and coming again and again in a hotel for staying or sleeping in bed mattress.

    June 14, 2016