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Healthy lunch spot in Antwerp – WASBAR

In today’s post I’m gonna show you a very interesting place I discovered in the center of Antwerp (Belgium). Wasbar is a bar-restaurant and a place to do the laundry: you can have a lunch, or just a drink while waiting for your laundry. You can also go just for a drink, without necessarily bringing the laundry )  The place is full of washing machines, soaps and detergents. The design is very original and beautiful! I really loved the concept.
About the food: absolutely recommended! If you like healthy food, you are gonna love this place. They offer lot’s of fresh dishes. I had a salmon and avocado sandwish, and a homemade lemonade. Everything was very yummy! 

The staff was very friendly and they let me take pictures without any problem.  I completely loved this place. If you go to Antwerp, you should definitely check it out, you will love it! (Apparently they also have a restaurant in Ghent, you can check it on their website

Lot’s of love.