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La Manga Club Resort

Today I’m going to show you a very special place where I spent 3 amazing days. While in Spain, I decided to go on a road trip in the south and I visited this very beautiful place named La Manga Club, close to Cartagena, Murcia. The thing is, that I am a beach and cliff lover, and I wanted to visit some secret (or not so secret) cliffs whereever I could. So I discovered one beautiful cliff named Cala el Barco, which is almost like a private cliff of La Manga Club resort (it’s not exactly a private cliff, but the people you see there mostly stay in the hotel or they own the villas in the resort). So I thought the best thing was to stay in the hotel and get some relaxing time for me. La Manga Club is a very big golf resort, full of huge golf courses, and several beautiful hotels.

If you like to play golf, this is, definitely, the place to go. Unfortunately I did not play golf, since it was very sunny and I wanted to stay on the beach, and also because I’m not a big golf player (I still prefer to play the mini-golf). Between all these hotels that the resort includes, I was lucky enough to get a room in the Hotel Príncipe Felipe *****and i was very excited for it.
We had a big swiming pool and golf courses, and my room was so huge, I did not know where to hang up my clothes (the choice set was too large). Definitely approved! The another good thing of La Manga Clubis that there are several restaurants (which ones offer discounts for people who stay in the hotel) and you can easily drive there without going out from the resort. If you don’t want to drive, they just call a car for you. Between all the restaurants, the italian LUIGI was my favorite, loved their pizza! As I said before, cala el Barco, is very close to the hotel, it’s 10 min driving, but the same case here: there is a transport service to take you from the hotel to the beach, in case you don’t want to drive. Me, as I love driving, I was looking for any excuse to take the car and go to the beach and come back, so no hotel transport needed 🙂 
At the beach, there is a very good restaurant, La Cala, with a beautiful view of the cliff, and it’s a perfect spot to have lunch when you stay the whole day on the beach. I loved it! In general, I’m very happy about this resort. I’ll probably go back again, and next time, maybe, with some family members to enjoy more and perhaps, to play some golf.
Lot’s of love.

Cala El barco

 Photos by Sebastian Erras