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Hotel Boutique La Serena in Altea, Spain

Hello babies, 
As you already know, last August I made a five days road trip in the south of Valencia. Today I want to show you the hotel where I stayed the last night, and it’s probably one of the best hotels I’ve ever visited. 
I discovered La Serena hotel, thanks to my friend Nuel, who is from Altea. I was planing a day trip there so I asked him if he could advise me any special place to stay, and his answer was: “stay in La Serena, pleaseee, it’s so “cuqui” (means cute in not official Spanish). So I checked the hotel and I saw it was more than just cute: it was a high designed hotel in the historical center of Altea, with a michelin star restaurant and the POOL! Which is almost impossible to imagine being in the historical center of the town. So, obviously, I immediately booked the last room they had left for that night. 

Here you can see all the pictures we took in the hotel La Serena, and I really want to highlight how cool was the room and the staff was very nice. Also, there is a garage to park the car (because it’s impossible to find a spot in the street) but I had to book it in advance because there are only 4 parking spaces. The view from my room was amazing!! 
In general, Altea is a must visit place when you are in Valencia or Alicante. It’s famous with its white buildings in the center of the town and if you like the beach, you have some of the best cliffs and beaches nearby. From the historical center you have 3 spots to enjoy an amazing view of the city. 
It was my first time in Altea (I’m kind of ashamed for saying that, since I lived in Valencia for 9 years and I had plenty of time to visit it), and I’m sure it was not the last. 
Lot’s of love.