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The Black Supermarket in Paris

Hello everybody,

Today I’m bringing you some pictures from a very special place named Black Supermarket.

Black Supermarket is a new hotspot in Paris, 400m2 space in the heart of Le Marais, where ten different urban artists gathered to create this wonderful place with “the most beautiful colours of night”. L’Atlas, Katre, Mist, Sun7, Astro, Fenx, Tanc, Turk, Lóutsider, and Swiz were in charge to set up this wonderful place, which can be used as a work or meeting space during the day, and then to enjoy the cocktails during the evening.

Thanks to Carte Noire (who sponsored the idea), it’s possible to taste different flavours of coffee, while appreciating this stunning place with lot’s of colours and crazy designs.

I have to admit, that love having this kind of place in the city. Paris is very classic city, and I really love it, but sometimes a little bit of modern art is needed, and Black Supermarket is a real piece of art, for sure.
Unfortunately it’s not gonna stay forever, it only lasts until February 12th. So if you are in the city, don’t waste your time, and check out this wonderful place.

Full address: 43 Rue de Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris.

I hope you’ll enjoy it, and take some beautiful pictures.

Lot’s of love.

Photos by Sebastian Erras