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Beiges de Seine

Hello beauties,

This is my very first outfit post in 2017. I’ve been a little bit busy (struggling against the cold, mostly), but I’m back with my outfit posts and I hope this year I can create more interesting looks. This outfit is from last Saturday. It was very nice weather, and after lunch, I went to have a little promenade. I loved the sunset at the Seine, and I thought it was perfect timing for pictures. The beige coat fits perfectly with the light.The outfit is quite classic with black, white and beige colours. These three colours always combine very good with each other. I’m in love with the coat. I’ve been looking for a beige one for a long time, and finally I found it in & Other Stories, the shirt is from COS, and pants from H&M.

About the name of the post, I did a little play on words with Beige and Berges, since the location where we shot is called barges de Seine (the riverbanks in French are called Berges).

Lot’s of love.

 Photos by Sebastian Erras