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Dressing according to the weather

I love colours! You just have to check my summer pictures on my Instagram (@lageorgienne) to see how much I love them. But somehow I always end up wearing black, grey and beige in Paris. What is wrong with me? Maybe my imagination is not good enough and it’s a creativity problem, but the truth is when it’s raining in the city, I automatically search for grey and dark clothes.

That day was rainy and grey (like today), so when I decided to go out, I chose this combination without thinking a lot. Grey coat from H&M (I don’t find it on the website, it was good quality and quite cheap, so I’m sure it’s sold out), white sweater from Urban Outfitters (because I think light colours fit always better with grey outwear), ripped jeans from Zara (quite old), and, obviously, my Stan Smiths (I always wear them in rainy days, and they are still alive!!)

I kind of challenged myself to introduce more colours in future outfits, but maybe I’ll need couple of months and more sunny days for this.

Lot’s of love

Photos by Sebastian Erras