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My Hair Makeover with Leonor Greyl

Hello my loves, 
Today I’m gonna tell you about my hair makeover I had last week with the great team of Leonor Greyl
As you all know, I have quite long hair and I love to curl it and wear it the wavy style. But after using (almost everyday) the hair curler and the hair iron, it was very damaged and very difficult to make it shiny. So finally (after thinking a lot) I decided to make some changes and cut it. Obviously, I made some research and got inspired from some celebrities hair styles. Finally I decided to cut naturally and make the fringe (I used to have fringe since I was 12 years old so it is familiar for me). 

We all know, It’s not easy to find a place where they cut you hair exactly the way we want. There is always someone who makes it 5 times shorter then we asked for and finally we end up with a depression. This time, I did not want to risk and went directly to L’Institute Leonor Greyl (15 Rue Tronchet, 75008 Paris). I already loved their products so I had no doubts I could trust them! 
I loved the treatment I received. Stephane was super nice with my hair. He made me look complitely different and I think me hair looks really gorgeous. He explained me exactly how to use step by step all the products to take good care of my hair. I share the with you:
       Step 1: brush the hair with oil before shampooing. (Click here to see the product)
       Step 2: wash the hair with shampoo. (Click here)
       Step 3: apply the orchid hair mask for 2-3 minutes. (Click here)
       Step 4: dry the hair with serum to keep it shiny. (Click here)
I show you pictures below and you can judge for yourself the result. I would love to see you comments and opinions.
Lot’s of love

Photos by Sebastian Erras