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Milan outfit by Marianna Senchina

La Dolce Vita Milanese

Ciao amore,
This outfit post comes from two weeks ago when I was in Milan for Design week (travel post coming soon). One of the reasons I was so excited to be in Milano was the fact that my favourite designer, Marianna Senchina, lives in Milan and I knew I was going to see her beautiful creations. I even had chance to wear this gorgeous red dress, to walk around the city and take some pictures. 

Marianna takes ruffled dresses to another level. She has the power to make me feel as a modern princess. With a very dark orange, almost red colour, which I though I would never wear, this dress is absolutely adorable and makes me wanna have more of them in my closet. 
Unfortunately, Marianna doesn’t have a shop in Paris (yet), but it is absolutely possible to shop online on or 
Lot’s of love.
Photos by Sebastian Erras