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Milan Design Week 2017 / Part 1

A few weeks ago I went to Milano to attend my first ever Milan Design Week. For those who don’t not know the concept, it’s like fashion week, but instead of clothes, brands present furniture and objects in their respective showrooms. Some of these objects easily could be  considered pieces of art. Milan Design Week is an annual event, and it’s world’s largest one of it’s kind. It’s an amazing opportunity to discover young artists and getting inspired by all the latest creations in furniture and design.

During this time the city is packed with buyers, design enthusiasts and ,as you probably can imagine, very well dressed people. Basically, you can walk around the city and find a lot of open galleries with a sign of Design Week, which means that there is an exhibition inside. Personally, I would advice to do some research before and note which places you’d like to visit, so this way you can find them easier and organise your stay better, because there is really a lot to see.

During my stay I visited a lot of showrooms and took a lot of pictures. However today I’m only gonna show you two of my favourite brand’s exhibitions: Louis Vuitton and Hermès.

Louis Vuitton’s presentation was the first one I saw and it made such a big impact on me, it was  unbelievable to find something better (luckily I was wrong, I kept discovering more beautiful things). It was located in a typical Italian palazzo (this time in the well-known Palazzo Bocconi), and while going up on the stairs you would see the first pieces of their “Objets nomades” homeware collection – these original designed and colourful chairs hanging from the roof.

Once inside, I discovered an absolutely beautiful collection of furniture. I’m not much of an expert when it comes to furniture design, but all I could say is that I got really inspired by the collection and the location and I wish that one day I can create something similar at home.

In the end of the palazzo there was a dark room full of lamps and it was totally dreamy!

After Louis Vuitton I found some really nice art installations, I’m gonna publish the images later. Now I want to show you the Hermès home collection, since I thought it would be very nice to combine both of the brands collections together in one post as those two were my two favourites.
I loved the simplicity and elegance of Hermès, as the brand is always. The tableware was absolutely exceptional and their minimalistic presentation was stunning. The yellow and orange combination was a big success.

This is the first part of the review of Milan Design Week. I’m gonna show you more in the next days.

Lot’s of love.

Photos by Sebastian Erras