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My new Givenchy beauty products

Summer has officially arrived, which means my outfit and make up colours have finally changed. Today I want to show you some new products from Givenchy Beauty I have been using for a few weeks now. I’ve got some new lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundation, mascaras, powder and even a perfume, because a girl has to look and smell pretty!

I’m going to make a list of all the products and I’ll tell you which ones are my favorite.

– Foundation MATISSIME VELVET N°04 Mat Beige  – Absolutely in love with it! I have the fluid one and it’s very easy to apply. It lasts the whole day and it’s perfect for summer days. As you can imagine, it is inspired by the feel of velvet.

– Poudre PRISME LIBRE N°2 Taffetas Beige – I have the feeling this powder was designed for me, for a woman who has “multitude of desires”. Four colours in one. I apply it on top of the foundation and it gives a radiant result.

– Mascara NOIR COUTURE VOLUME – This is an absolute essential for me. I never go out without a mascara ( and without a lipstick, but we’ll get there). It gives intensity and defines the volume of my eyelashes with a very simple movement.

– Mascara NOIR INTERDIT – It is amazing! It has 90° bendable brush, which means that the lashes are deeply reached. Very comfortable to use!

– Eyeshadows OMBRE COUTURE N°7 Gris Organza and N°8 Prune Taffetas – Two completely different colours for different occasions. Very soft and alluring.

– Eyeshadow LE PRISME QUATUOR N°7 Tentation – Actually I only tried it once, and then I had to give it to my mother, as she got obsessed with the colours. Her eyes look very beautiful though 🙂

– Lipstick ROUGE INTERDIT VINYL N°09 Corail Redoutable – Perfect colour for summer nights out. A touch of red is always a good idea.

– Lipstick LE ROUGE-À-PORTER N°203 Rose Avant-Garde – I have to be honest, pink is not really my colour. Also this one looks really beautiful, so I will dare one of these days and as soon as I do, I’ll post a picture on Instagram, promised!

– Lipstick ROUGE INTERDIT 2017 N°06 Rose Nocturne – This is my absolute favorite of all of the lipsticks I own now. It’s natural, neutral, elegant. I use it every single day, during the day and during the night. I always have it with me. I don’t even know what I’d do this summer without it. So my advice is, if you like natural make up, go for this lipstick NOW!

– Last but not least, I also got the new perfume LIVE IRRÉSISTIBLE, the mix between rose and orange Blossom. It’s a really delicious fragrance for this summer.

I hope I gave you enough information about my new Givenchy products. If you have any questions, you can leave the comment bellow or send me a DM on Instagram.

Lot’s of love.

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