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Dépôt Légal

There’s a new hotspot in my beloved area around Palais-Royal and it’s called Dépôt Légal.
Right at the corner of Rue Vivienne and Rue des Petit-Champs, in the busy neighbourhood of Palais Royal, lies Christophe Adam’s (l’éclair de génie) latest creation. A café that offers a bit more than just coffee.
I passed by this place 2 or 3 times before the construction was finished trying to get a peek inside and figuring out what is gonna come next to one of my beloved areas in Paris. Once they opened, I let the usually busy and hectic opening days pass and decided to check it out a few weeks later.

Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
Depot Legal - Rue des Petit-Champs,Paris
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For our first time we went for lunch. Arrived at around 13h30 and found the place packed with people, but after a 2 minute wait we got a table. They have 2 areas. The one up front is a little bigger and brighter and then in the back there is a bit darker area with more comfy chairs and benches. The interior design is very modern and chic with an industrial touch. After a first glance at the menu we quickly made our decisions “Burrata cremeuse de printemps” and “big toasté poulet”. A very good choice. The fresh juice was delicious too. After that we came back 2 more times, once for breakfast and once again for lunch.
Breakfast was great too. I had an iced latte with a “Granola légal” bowl. Everything was well presented and tasted amazing. Another thing that is definitely worth mentioning is the friendly service. Every time we went we greeted with a smile and the staff was really friendly (which is not always a given in Paris).
In the end I am happy to have another option especially for a coffee in my favourite area, cause Café Kitsuné in autumn/winter is tiny tiny.

They are open 7/7 from 8h-23h (sundays 8h-15h) and I’ll recommend going a bit later during weekdays to avoid a busy crowd. Usually after 14h it tends to get a little less crowded.

I’ll try to do more of these hotspots posts in Paris as soon as I am back in the city in September. Meanwhile stay tuned for more exciting travel posts and follow my Instagram to be up to date.

For more information about Depot Legal check: