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Les Arcs Film Festival with Sisley Paris

In December, a week before Christmas, I had an opportunity to attend for the very first time the Festival de Cinéma Européen des Arcs. As the name suggests, in this festival only European movies can participate, which is a big opportunity for every audiovisual artist. I was invited by Sisley Paris, as they are one of the most important sponsors of the festival and every year they award  a prize ‘Femme de cinéma Sisley’ to help promote all the women who are making today’s European cinema.

Our trip started on Friday. Reunited with the Sisley team, we took the train to Chambéry from where we drove to Les Arcs, one of the most known ski resorts in French Alps. We were very lucky, as during our whole stay it was snowing a lot, and we had the perfect snow to ski. Also the landscape was amazing. Les Arcs is a little bit different from other ski resorts I’ve seen before. While driving up on the mountain I could see there were Les Arcs 1600, Les Arcs 1800, Les Arcs 1950 (where we stayed) and Les Arcs 2000. Each of them is like a little village and they look like fairytale places with all the snow, christmas trees and decoration. It was absolutely amazing.

During this trip our mission was to get our makeup done with Sisley, watch several movies at the festival, ski as much as we wanted and eat absolutely delicious food (raclette and fondue, of course). We also had an access to Deep Nature Spa, which was the best après ski plan. I couldn’t have asked for a better treat!

After our arrival I had an appointment  with a talented makeup artist Angloma, who did a great job with me, with an absolutely natural yet great makeup.

Saturday morning we went to ski, and I have to say, I’ve never had better ski  conditions in my entire life. The snow was perfect and as they have just opened the resort that weekend, there was not many people on the slopes, so we had all the freedom to ski however we wanted. I had a lot of fun with the girls, skiing, taking pictures, making boomerangs with our phones, etc. It was really funny to see so many bloggers together trying to snap and capture every moment.

Later that evening we went to the opening ceremony of the Festival and we watched one of the best satiric movies I’ve ever seen, “The Death of Stalin”, directed by Armando Iannucci. The movie shows  the battle for power between Lavrentiy Beria & Nikita Khrushchev after Stalin’s death.  Most of the things are not historically correct but it’s definitely worth to watch it. I give this movie 10/10 and I advice everyone to watch it. After the movie, we had a delicious dinner, with live music and marshmallow bbq, and headed to the hotel to rest.


On Sunday we still had a lot of plans. We went to ski again, followed by an amazing lunch. At night we went to watch another movie and also to meet the director who won Sisley award, Pakistani-Norwegian director Iram Haq, who showed us an absolutely amazing film “What People Will Say“. The movie is inspired by her life and the relationship with her father. In the end we all had tears on our eyes. This movie definitely touched my heart.
After the screening, we went to have a dinner with a lot of raclette and fondue and it was delicious! Then we headed back to our village to party with all our team and to give you a hint how it went, the day after some of us could not even speak (no voice situation).

Monday morning we headed back to Paris, and I was seriously sad. It was a wonderful trip with an amazing team and I hope, I’ll have the opportunity to repeat it again. Meanwhile I’ll take the advantage of being part of Sisley team, and gonna take care of my skin with these amazing products I got for the trip.

My Sisley products:
– Cleansing gel with tropical resins (here)
– Grapefruit toning lotion (here)
– Intensive serum with tropical resins (here)
– Mattifying and moisturizing daily skin care with tropical resins (here)
– Anti-ageing foundation, Sisleÿa Le Teint (here)
– Blusher phyto-blush eclat – color Mango) (here)

Lot’s of love.