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Winter in Velvet

Paris has been grey in the fall of 2017 and it continues being in the winter of 2018. While this is not news anymore, Parisians try to keep up with their lives and dress up mostly in dark monotonous colours. I remember, last winter, I used to be one of them, mostly for lack of time and ideas, I guess. Unlike last year, this season I dared myself to wear more colours, and in these images you can see very rare (from my side) but beautiful combination of pale pink, burgundy red (both velvet) and dark blue.

This coat has been my favourite for a long time, and combined with these ankle boots, they make a nice duo. Both of them are from Alice & Olivia, but unfortunately sold out. Velvet has been dominating my closet for several months already. The dress (from Zara) makes my silhouette very feminine, and I think it matches perfectly with the coat and the boots. Last but not for least, this little embroidered clutch was an absolutely adorable touch. I got it long time ago from Charles & Keith.

Lot’s of love.

Photoes by Sebastian Erras