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Last weekend the former model, and now artistic director, Lolita Jacobs got married with Jean- Baptiste Talbourdet Napoleone, the creative director of M Le Magazine du Monde. The wedding took place in Saint-Tropez, and we were able to follow the ceremony through the guests's Instagram accounts. Besides being a beautiful party under the sun of the French Rivirera, what I liked the most was the unexpected but fabulous dresses that Lolita wore during the wedding weekend.

A few weeks ago I went to Milano to attend my first ever Milan Design Week. For those who don't not know the concept, it's like fashion week, but instead of clothes, brands present furniture and objects in their respective showrooms. Some of these objects easily could be  considered pieces of art. Milan Design Week is an annual event, and it's world's largest one of it's kind. It's an amazing opportunity to discover young artists and getting inspired by all the latest creations in furniture and design.