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Hello my loves, 
Today I'm gonna tell you about my hair makeover I had last week with the great team of Leonor Greyl
As you all know, I have quite long hair and I love to curl it and wear it the wavy style. But after using (almost everyday) the hair curler and the hair iron, it was very damaged and very difficult to make it shiny. So finally (after thinking a lot) I decided to make some changes and cut it. Obviously, I made some research and got inspired from some celebrities hair styles. Finally I decided to cut naturally and make the fringe (I used to have fringe since I was 12 years old so it is familiar for me). 

Hello my beauties,
Today I'm going to talk about some new skin care products I discovered a few weeks ago and I am very happy with them. It's all about My Blend, a brand based on our skin's needs. First of all, I have to say that since I'm living in Paris, my skin has been under a lot of pressure. It has been majorly affected by the pollution of the city, the constantly changing weather, and my nonstop lifestyle. So, after a few months I moved here, I started to have a lot of problems and I tried tones of different solutions. Never got the result I was expecting for, until I discovered My Blend by Dr Olivier Courtin.

Last October I had holidays, so I went to visit my family in Spain, in Valencia. As I wanted to relax and recharge on my days off, I went to one of the best wellness centers of Spain, Caroli Health Club, in the hotel The Westin Valencia. I loved very much swiming in the salt water pool, and after I enjoyed an incredible massage in the spa. It was such a pleasant experience I wanted to share with all of you and let you know about this wonderful place in the heart of Valencia.
Facebook: Caroli Health Club Spain (link here