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"It's been a long cold lonely winter..." and yes, finally, here comes the Sun. This was my first reaction when I saw this beautiful warm light at the Cœur de Louvre. For someone who has lived for 10 years in Spain, it should not be so exciting to see the Sun, but oh boy, it is! It's been raining for so long that I am waiting for warm days. So I can be a little kid again and run around and enjoy my city of love. In today's outfit I want to highlight these gorgeous high heel sandals by the talented Parisian designer, Chloe. Daryn Moore is the official name of her brand and I totally fell in love with her designs when she showed them to me for the first time .

Hello beauties, This is my very first outfit post in 2017. I've been a little bit busy (struggling against the cold, mostly), but I'm back with my outfit posts and I hope this year I can create more interesting looks. This outfit is from last Saturday. It was very nice weather, and after lunch, I went to have a little promenade. I loved the sunset at the Seine, and I thought it was perfect timing for pictures. The beige coat fits perfectly with the light.

Hello mes petites belles, 
Today it's Monday and I'm bringing you a new post about a young brand that I like very much, Fabric Hunted & Collected. Obviously, this beautiful striped dress is by this french brand and I am in love with it. 
Fabric Hunted & Collected was launched in 2015 by an young talented woman, Gabrielle, who fell in love with the fashion world working with Chanel, and decided to create her own brand meanwhile traveling all around the world. All the pieces of Fabric Hunted & Collected are handmade in India, and as Gabrielle says: "travel, culture, research, sustainability and real people are at the heart of these perfectly imperfect and beautiful creations".