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Cold days are approaching,but my mind is still in summer, thinking about beautiful beaches and turquoise water. If you followed my summer on my Instagram account, you probably know that I spent several days in Ibiza and I had absolutely delightful time. Sounds tacky but it's true. We arrived on 14th of July, and of course, it was right in high season. One thing you should know about Ibiza: in July and August it's very expensive. Get ready to spend quite a lot of money as there is a lot of demand for hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. Make sure you book a table for lunch and dinner in advance.

There's a new hotspot in my beloved area around Palais-Royal and it's called Dépôt Légal. Right at the corner of Rue Vivienne and Rue des Petit-Champs, in the busy neighbourhood of Palais Royal, lies Christophe Adam's (l'éclair de génie) latest creation. A café that offers a bit more than just coffee. I passed by this place 2 or 3 times before the construction was finished trying to get a peek inside and figuring out what is gonna come next to one of my beloved areas in Paris. Once they opened, I let the usually busy and hectic opening days pass and decided to check it out a few weeks later.

Before I start writing about my favorite lunch and coffee places in Amsterdam, I have to say that this is gonna be a bit long post since I have spent 3 days in Amsterdam visiting really yummy hotspots and I want to share all of them with you. 
First of all, I want to highlight that Amsterdam in July is absolutely amazing (in general it is always beautiful, but the sunny weather shows the best of the city). I went to walk around the canals and enjoy the views during the 3 days and it was a great experience! So, if you have a chance to visit Amsterdam during summer, don't think two times, just do it! 

Since I'm on vacation, and I have a lot of free time, I try to visit some hot spots and I want to share them wish you. 
For now, I'm in Belgium and I'm moving between Knokke, Antwerp and Brussels. In today's post I'm gonna show you a very interesting place I discovered in the center of Antwerp. Wasbar is a bar-restaurant and a place to do the laundry: you can have a lunch, or just a drink meanwhile waiting for your laundry. You can also go just for a drink, without necessarily bringing the dirty clothes ;)) The place is full of washing machines, soaps and detergents. The design is very original and beautiful! I really loved the concept.

Saint Valentine's day is a very special time of year for people in love. It's important to spend this day with one you love in a right way. So did I. 
Despite not being able to get out of Paris, I decided to spend the whole day in one of the cutest and most beautiful hotels of Paris, Le Grand Pigalle
This chic and modern hotel is located in South Pigalle, "SoPi", in the 9th arrondissement, just 500m away from the famous Moulin Rouge.  It's very easy to find it as the subway station Pigalle is just 3 minutes away. South Pigalle has become a very trendy neighborhood for a young hip crowd, with cool shops, modern bars and restaurants. 
Le Grand Pigalle Hotel is decorated by the famous parisian interior decorator Dorothée Meilichzon, making it an absolute must visit in Paris. Even for parisian people it's a perfect place to meet friends and have some quality time. 

It is definitely the city of freedom and one of my favourite places I have visited so far. 
Many people consider Amsterdam as the city of canals, tulips, coffeeshops and Red Light district, but the truth is that this city is much more than this: It offers a wide variety of museums, being the most important ones Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum, and also countless art galleries. The architecture of the city is absolutely fascinating, mixing the beautiful small houses with 165 canals and 1.500 bridges. 

Hello sweethearts, 

Today it's raining in Paris, and I'm at home thinking of another rainy city I visited after New Year. It's a beautiful place with lot's of canals, art museums and it's famous for being tolerant (in different aspects) with turists. Yes, I'm talking about Amsterdam!
Today I'm gonna show you a very special hotel where we stayed in Amsterdam, and I liked it so much that I decided to share my experience with you. CitizenM Amsterdam is a completely new hotel located in Amsterdam Zuid just 15 minutes from the city center. It's very comfortable to catch the tram as the station is just in front of the hotel and it takes you directly to all interesting places in Amsterdam.