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Long story short: 3 weeks ago I went to Belgium to spent a week with my family in law. One day I went to Antwerp to do some shopping, and enjoy this lovely city (I never get enough of it). It was a cold day, and there was no way to dress fashion and warm way at the same time. So I finally decided to wear a bomber from Uniqlo,  (I've never worn any of them before), with flare crop trousers from Mango, a stripe sweater from TOPSHOP (I bought it during these sales and love it), and my baby Acne Studio boots from Net-A -Porter.

Hello beauties! Today I want to show you my latest collaboration with Daniel Wellington. This brand had me crazy in love for a long time and I was very flattered when they sent me this beautiful Cornwall classic black watch. I think it's a perfect Christmas and New Year's gift.Who would not love to have it? So if you like it and want to get it, or any other model or accessories (like my beautiful cuff in rose gold), just visit their website , choose the item you want and get your 15% discount with the code LAGEORGIENNE. Hurry up, time is running out!

Hello beauties, Let's start the new week with a new outfit post. Today I want to show you a classic look, which is perfect for the office after the sunny holidays. During the summer we spend so much time on the beach getting tanned, I think it's unfair if we can't show our tan once we are in the city. So this combination, with a silk top with lace details and a short skirt is a perfect outfit to go back to work highlighiting our tan and still enjoying the last days of summer.

Hello babies,

I'm back in Paris and today I want to show you my first city outfit. I have been 2 months on the beach and being back home feels great. I also have to say, that even if I love beach outfits, I missed very much my city looks.

Today I want to share with you my new OOTD with this cool printed jeans from Gap Stock. The fact is that the printed denim is super en mode now. Every denim showroom is full of different kind of prints and if you check the fashion week's street style, you will see a lot of people wearing them. So I was very happy to discover that I actually could get some really beautiful ones on Gap Stock's store, without spending a fortune. They are super comfy, they fit well with almost every kind of shoes (I was thinking to match them with high heel sandals, but finally I was too lazy to walk with them), and they are beautful. I'm super happy! If you want to get some cool denim pants for you as well, just visit Gap Stock's nearest store.